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It is very essential to be clear and straightforward about your expectations. Your goal may be purely commercial, and thus, the only intention is to walk in arms with an escort to a high-flying business gathering. In that case, the service will make it a point to provide you with a top-rated social butterfly. There are many who are desirous of visiting the nightclubs, and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. Even then, you can have a girl to give you company. But since you are thrashing out the deal with a professional escort agency; you should be crystal clear about your priorities and specifications. Not all the girls may be similarly inclined to serve you on in-call and outcall duties. Normally speaking, the call girls are particular about their primness and propriety. Their inclinations and aptitudes may vary, but you will not miss out on their cosmopolitan curve and body. You may be a lonesome loony, or one with a passion for love and lust. Then, there are some other who are always shy to take the plunge, and ask women on a date. Perhaps socio -psychological needs and standpoints differ. In spite of the differences, you will not run short of options.